Don’t bother asking Blizzard how StarCraft II‘s story will end, because it doesn’t know yet.

Many of us have it in our minds that there is a top-secret room in Blizzard Entertainment’s headquarters that houses a microfiche hidden in a floor safe that contains the entire plotline of the StarCraft series. I do, anyway. The truth is that Blizzard is just making it up as it goes.

Well, not quite that loosely, but Blizzard says that it doesn’t have a defined path for StarCraft II to take in the two expansions that will follow Wings of Liberty. Next up is Heart of the Swarm, following the Zerg, which, you know, could go here, or there, or somewhere else.

When asked if Blizzard had the story for StarCraft II written out already, Blizzard producer Chris Sigaty said: “Not really, no. Even things we thought we knew, we’re making pretty significant changes and still figuring things out.” For this reason, don’t expect Heart of the Swarm in 2011, because Blizzard still has work to do.

“We will be very hard pressed to bring it out next year,” Sigaty added. “I don’t have a date, but it’s more ambitious, it’s bigger than what Warcraft: The Frozen Throne was to Reign of Chaos and I don’t anticipate it being done in that one year time frame.”

Blizzard doesn’t even seem to be sure which characters will live and which characters will kick the space bucket. You’ve got to think that the company at least has a general idea, because an overly large storyline was one reason why we’re even seeing a StarCraft II trilogy at all. I still contend that there’s something big on that microfiche, and this statement is only to make people stop asking about StarCraft II‘s second and third parts one million times per day.

Source: IGN

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