Blizzard Launches Twitter Accounts, Throws Contests


Blizzard is finally getting in on the Twitter party with three official accounts for Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft, and they’re kicking things off with contests for swag, beta keys and more.

Well, finally. Nearly every single game publisher/developer in this business has gotten in on the Twitter party at this point, but one of the biggest names around, Blizzard, hasn’t shown up until now. Better late than never I guess. Blizz has three official channels now for you to follow and scoop up info direct from the source: @Diablo, @Warcraft and @Starcraft. Where’s @LostVikings? I can only dream that it’s coming somewhere along the line.

Anyway, all three accounts are now active and live, so get to following if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t hate Twitter with a passion. I expect the accounts will be updated regularly during BlizzCon next week.

To kick things off in Twitter style, Blizz is throwing a contest geared for each account. On the Warcraft account, you need to re-tweet to the account with the phrase “For the Alliance or Horde #battlecry” each time the background picture changes (it’ll go every three hours from 8 AM – 8PM everyday through BlizzCon) which will earn you the chance to win some swag.

Over at the StarCraft account, Blizz is giving away 500 beta keys to the users who can prove that they’re the biggest fans by re-tweeting why they deserve to win (you can use a picture) along with the hashtag #SC2fan.

And last but not least, the Diablo account has a neat little sweepstakes for fans to submit suggestions for item names in the game. Five winners who get chosen by Blizzard will find their submitted names in Diablo III, which is pretty dang cool.

Of course you could follow these Twitter accounts for news coming out of BlizzCon, but you could also follow The Escapist news team for even more, since we’ll be on hand at the event to report on happenings, collect schwag and beat John Funk at StarCraft 2. Oops, did I just say that? I did, didn’t I?

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