Blizzard Releases StarCraft II Battle Report #3


Do you want to watch 17 minutes of delicious new StarCraft II Zerg vs. Protoss gameplay footage? Of course you do – you shouldn’t lie like that.

Not gonna say much, here. It’s Zerg vs. Protoss on the new map “Scrapyard,” and it’s a nice tide-over until SC2 hits hopefully before the end of the year … or, at least until the (also hopefully) imminent beta.

It isn’t up on the official site just yet, but it is on YouTube! I’d complain about lack of Terran representation, but we got plenty of that in the other ones. I’d like to see a TvPvZ Battle Report, though. That’d be pretty awesome.

(Part One)

(Part Two)

(IncGamers, via Joystiq)

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