Recruit-a-friend recruiters will be able to choose from eight mounts and pets.

While the recruit-a-friend feature for Blizzard’s colossal MMO World of Warcraft is nothing new, it has recently revamped the program with new rewards, in attempt to get all of its veteran subscribers to spam their friends and family members so they can try and get another shiny new mount. Previously, the recruiter would get a month of free game time when his recruitee paid for their first month’s subscription, and a free mount when they paid for their second month.

Now, recruiters will be able to choose from eight different mounts and pets once their victim… err, “friend or family member,” has shelled out for two months of game time. The mounts and pets available are:

  • Emerald Hippogryph
  • Heart of the Nightwing
  • X-53 Touring Rocket
  • Swift Zhevra
  • Golden Pig
  • Silver Pig
  • Jade Tiger
  • Zipao Tiger

Some of these mounts and pets have been available to recruit-a-friend participants in the past (such as the X-53 Touring Rocket and the Swift Zhevera), some were previously only given out as special event rewards (like the Golden Pig and Jade Tiger), and the Emerald Hippogryph is a brand new mount.

Recruiters will actually be able to earn multiple rewards if they recruit multiple friends, so the most dedicated fans can actually earn all eight of the mounts and pets.

For those unfamiliar with the system, veteran players can recruit friends by giving them a free week of game time to try out the game, during which they are also given added “friend benefits,” such as boosted experience, and the ability for recruiters and recruitees to teleport to each other.

Source: Blizzard

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