Blizzard Reveals a Boatload More Journey to Un’Goro Cards

During a special livestream event, Blizzard gave us a look at quite a few new Journey to Un’Goro cards.

Blizzard has been slowly revealing Journey to Un’Goro cards all week, and today, during the Hearthstone Winter Championship in the Bahamas, we got to see a boatload more, including the Hunter legendary quest. Additionally, a few other cool cards, like the Rogue legendary quest, were revealed via other sources since we last checked in.

Anyway, here are all of the new cards:

Some of these cards, like the aforementioned legendary Rogue and Hunter quests, have some new tokens. Check them out below:

We’re not 100% sure how the Rogue quest works right now, by the way. We don’t know if it will effect tokens, such as those summoned by Violet Teacher, and if your minions will heal back up to 5/5 at the end of each turn/attack. Hopefully we’ll get some clarification from Blizzard.

As for the other cards, I’m really, really happy to see Glutinous Oooze. Pirate Warrior has been a thorn in my side for way too long, and this is a pretty hard counter for it. Blizzard also stated that every player would receive a Golden Volcanosaur as part of the log-in rewards in the lead up to the expansion’s release.

Be sure to check out all of the previously revealed cards here. Journey to Un’goro is due out on April 6.

Source: Blizzard

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