Blizzard introduces the lush continent of Pandaria and asks “What is worth fighting for?”

Blizzard was among the first to admit that its flagship game World of Warcraft may not be the powerhouse that it once was, but that doesn’t change the fact that the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion will draw many former subscribers back into the fold. As we inch ever closer to the expansion’s release date, Blizzard is stirring the pot by releasing a new, high-quality cinematic trailer that reveals the new continent of Pandaria and proves that, despite their appearance, the peaceful Pandarens are still a force to be reckoned with.

The trailer presents us with a human and an orc who have washed up on the shores of Pandaria after a battle destroyed their warships. After stalking and eventually engaging each other in combat, their fight takes them within range of a Pandaren monastery, at which point a lone monk steps in to teach them the error of their ways. After single-handedly defeating both soldiers, simultaneously, the mists surrounding them part to reveal the full scope of the monastery, including dozens of Pandaren monks. A narrated voice-over explains the Pandaren’s Zen-like philosophy of balance, ending with “For my kind, the true question is ‘What is worth fighting for?'”

The trailer is a truly breathtaking visual display that combines many of trademark elements of World of Warcraft, including impressive battles, stunningly beautiful landscapes, and just a hint of humor. Blizzard has made an impressive trailer that will likely draw old subscribers back into the fold, and should entice new audiences to join the game as well.

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