The long awaited first trailer for the Warcraft movie has arrived, and it received a great reception at Blizzcon today.

Director Duncan Jones took the stage during the opening ceremonies of Blizzcon 2015 to show off the first full trailer for the Warcraft movie. Before showing off the trailer, he introduced a few of the cast members who were in attendance. They included Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Ben Foster (Medivh), Dominic Cooper (King Llane Wrynn), Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Daniel Wu (Gul’dan), and Paula Patton (Garona).

The plot will feature the orcs trying to make a new home, and the conflict between the orcs and humans. Durotan and Anduin Lothar try to forge an uneasy peace as both sides prepare for war. Many plot details are still up in the air, but there are plenty of familiar touches in the trailer, so fans of any of the games in the series shouldn’t be disappointed with this one.

The Warcraft movie hits theaters June 10, 2016.

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