Blizzard Teams Up With Scholastic For Children’s World of Warcraft Series


Blizzard and Scholastic have teamed up to create a World of Warcraft book series for children.

Today, Blizzard announced a collaboration with Scholastic in order to create a new series, aimed at children aged 8-12, based on World of Warcraft. The first entry in the series, titled World of Warcraft: Traveler, follows 12-year-old Aramar Thorne as he embarks on a journey of adventures across Azeroth with naught but a sketch book, his father’s compass, and some “unlikely friendships.”

World of Warcraft is a captivating fantasy universe that lends itself to many imaginative and innovative storytelling possibilities. When Blizzard initially approached us about creating an original series for kids, we were not only intrigued but immediately mesmerized,” said Debra Dorfman, Vice President and Publisher, Global Licensing, and Media Consumer Products at Scholastic. “This has truly been a fantastic collaboration and we look forward to sharing this thrilling adventure with boys and girls everywhere.”

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Scholastic on a series that will bring Azeroth to life for a whole new audience,” said Chris Metzen, Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard Entertainment. “And Greg Weisman is an accomplished writer who’s really gotten to the heart and soul of Warcraft with the characters he’s developed here-we’re thrilled with the work he’s done on World of Warcraft: Traveler.”

The first book is slated to release this November, with the second expected in November 2017.

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