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An interesting new post possibly teases new Overwatch hero.

Yesterday, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan gave a little tease on Overwatch‘s next hero – specifically, he said “24 is not who you think it is.” For anyone not keeping up with the forums, most people were expecting Doomfist to be the next character released, but Kaplan reiterated that the team typically has multiple heroes in the works at any given time.

Today, Blizzard released what appears to be an in-game article that features an interview with a young girl from Numbani who has just received a grant for her work “in robotics and artificial intelligence,” all of which was achieved by age eleven.

The girl, Efi Oladele, received a “genius grant,” and when asked what she planned to do with the money she received, said simply “Oh… I have an idea…” and “it’s a secret for now.” She does mention building drones and wanting to “create things that make our lives better,” adding that her dream is “to build something that can keep us safe.”

It’s not immediately clear when this interview takes place when compared to the in-game timeline, so it’s possible that Efi has aged since the interview, possibly setting the stage for a new builder. It’s also possible that one of her creations will be the new character, perhaps a new tank. It seems less likely that Blizzard would include an eleven-year-old character, but we aren’t ruling anything out, and there’s always the potential for her fighting remotely by controlling something she’s created. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more soon enough.

In other Overwatch news, Season 3 of Competitive Play ends tonight at 7pm ET, and Season 4 is set to kick off at 7pm ET on February 28.

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