We all knew that something big was coming out of Blizzard when all the press were directed to the StarCraft 2 Gameplay panel. But even the biggest StarCraft fans, myself included, were certainly not expecting anything like this.

Blizzard announced today that StarCraft 2 will be released as three separate expansions, one for each race. The expansions will be chronological and will go in the following order; Wings of Liberty (Terran), Heart of the Swarm (Zerg), and Legacy of the Void (Protoss).

This unexpected move was a result of the design team’s ambitions to create an “epic” feel for each campaign. Blizzard VP of Game Development Rob Pardo explained that separate expansions will allow for more in-depth and longer campaigns for each race rather than a truncated version that would occur with a single release.

Jonathan Tietz is the admin for StarCraft 2 Fansite and will be updating the latest news from Blizzcon with the Escapist and WarCry teams!

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