“At this distance, the shockwave will hit approximately thirty seconds after detonation.” “I’ll kill you in twenty!”

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is out of control. Initially appearing as an apparent April fool’s joke, a leak of the entire game on Ubisoft’s uplay service revealed that it was in fact an actual game that existed, and a quick follow up reveal trailer was a love letter to 80’s cartoons. But the Blood Dragon publicity train is showing no sign of stopping, producing a too-80’s-for-words live action short: Blood Dragon: The Cyber War.

Just to clarify, that isn’t Blood Dragon’s hero Rex “Power” Colt slicing up androids with his neon katana, but Commander Bolt Lightning. Yes, that is his real name, and yes, it is awesome. The live action short has just the right amount of b-grade special effects, cheesy one liners, and completely over the top acting to make it a thing of beauty and magnificence.

Could The Cyber War become an actual series, or even a movie? If I could throw money at something to make that happen, you can bet I, and countless others, would. The game as it is now is just a short stand-alone expansion pack to Far Cry 3, but with all the publicity its getting, hopefully it will expand to be something more.

Filthy pirates, as well as players who obtained the game through legitimate means (such as Rock Paper Shotgun) have had nothing but praise to offer the game, claiming it is an incredibly stupid satire of 80’s action flicks and cartoons, modern shooters and retro platformers. But stupid in a good way, like Ren and Stimpy. It will be released on May 1st, cost $14 and won’t require a copy of Far Cry 3 to play.

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