After neatly trouncing Toshiba’s lame-duck HD DVD format, one would imagine Sony’s Blu-Ray would be cock of the walk, but design maverick Hideo Kojima is already lamenting its limitations, as he cuts away at his forthcoming opus in order to fit it on a disc.

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, Kojima held forth on the format:

Kojima: For us, we’re not still not satisfied with the quality we can do. You know, there’s not capacity space.

Interviewer: Wait, wait a sec. Saying there’s not enough capacity, are you talking about Blu-ray?

Kojima: That’s correct. There’s not enough space at all. (laughs) …There’s not enough space. We always talked about where to cut and what to compress.

There is no concrete word on whether or not gameplay elements have been cut from the game due to space restrictions. The only definite cut due to Blu-Ray’s 50 GB threshold is the lack of a Japanese language track in the European/North American build of the game.

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