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Boba Fett Gives Chase in Leaked Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Video

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Unseen gameplay footage of LucasArts’ canceled Star Wars: 1313 project seems to have emerged and features a nice long look at a playable Boba Fett. The three-minute gameplay video appeared on YouTube channel The Vault, which serves as a sort of hub for content related to Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Although clearly unfinished and even a bit clunky-looking at times, the video showcases Uncharted-esque set pieces as Boba Fett tracks down his next target.

More footage toward the end of the video includes various animations and combat sequences, with some being reminiscent of the Star Wars: 1313 gameplay footage shown off almost 10 years ago. You can see today’s leaked segment in its entirety in the video below.

Star Wars: 1313 was in the works at LucasArts as a grittier third-person take on Lucasfilm’s sci-fi universe. However, shortly after Disney’s Lucasfilm purchase in 2013, the company decided to almost completely shutter LucasArts, effectively shelving Star Wars: 1313. Only the occasional bit and piece of the game has leaked to the internet since then. As more clear looks at the project have trickled to the public, fans can only wonder what could have been.

Though Star Wars: 1313 never saw the light of day, Star Wars gaming content rages on. Aside from Respawn Entertainment’s massively successful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA recently revealed plans to create three more games with the same developer. One project will be a first-person shooter set in a galaxy far, far away, while the others will be a strategy title and a sequel to Fallen Order. Ubisoft will join the Star Wars gaming family at some point in the future, too, as the publisher is still toiling away on its mysterious open-world Star Wars video game.

It would be nice to see Star Wars: 1313 make some sort of return, but right now, all we have is this newfound gameplay to admire.

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