Booth Babe Boobs Get Booted


A pair of young ladies posing at NCsoft’s Blade & Soul booth were ordered out of the G-Star 2009 convention because their costumes showed off a little more skin than organizers were comfortable with.

Everybody likes booth babes, right? Wrong! Organizers of the G-Star 2009 event in Korea issued a warning to exhibitors against employing models with overly-revealing outfits such as bikinis or outfits “similar to underwear.” Pants or skirts were to be long enough to cover the pelvis, while upper clothing was required to cover at least one-third of the model’s back. Exhibitors who violated the rules risked having the power to their booths cut off and could even be booted from the event entirely.

Turns out they weren’t kidding: Two hotties working at the Blade & Soul booth were tossed out of the show for wearing excessively skimpy costumes. An NCsoft rep confirmed that the women are professional models hired for the event, but since their outfits were provided by the model agency rather than NCsoft, the publisher did not face further sanctions. According to MMO News, it’s the first time a booth babe has ever been kicked out of the event.

Two words for you, Korea: You suck.

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