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Bound by Blades, a Boss Rush-Style RPG, Slashes Its Way to Steam Q4 2022

Bound by Blades announcement trailer Zeth Assemble Entertainment boss rush RPG co-op

There is no shortage of RPGs right now to look forward to in the future. The same goes for indie games. But what if you have a particular itch? Say, for a boss-rush-style RPG? Bound by Blades may have what you are after as an upcoming indie title from publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth, and the adventure will hit PC via Steam in Q4 2022 and release in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

Check out a trailer for the unique fantasy:

It’s intriguing! I’m interested to learn how the battle system works, as it appears you fight on a grid and do not have complete freedom of movement. I also dig the sketchbook art style.

Here are some of Bound by Blades‘ key features:

  • Beast Slayer: Obliterate giant monsters while learning their tactics. Harvest their remains and use them to create sweet gear!
  • Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat: A game for players of any skill level. Employ a variety of maneuvers like Quick and Strong Attacks, Combos, and Unique Combo Finishers. 
  • Adventure Together: Two-player co-op play ensures you never have to adventure alone.
  • Choose your Fighter: Select and swap between the game’s three main characters, each with their own unique battle styles and gear: Teo the Kuza cat, Guren the Fangorian bunny, and Space Oxbourne ox.
Bound by Blades

Clearly, the ox is the most badass of the three.

Interested gamers can wishlist Bound by Blades via Steam now. Personally, I’d prefer to play on Switch. What’s another year for the convenience of portability?

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