Jason Bourne Box Office

The Bourne franchise topped the box office this weekend. Star Trek Beyond dropped large.

Matt Damon returned to the Bourne franchise for the first time in 9 years, and it looks like that move has paid off for all involved. Jason Bourne opened easily at number one at the box office this weekend with $59.2 million. It wasn’t even close, more than doubling the second place Star Trek Beyond, which was in its second week of release.

Beyond‘s significant drop – over 58% to $24.8 million – is the bigger story coming out of the weekend. The third in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, Beyond is currently looking to be a commercial failure, which may kill the potential for any future Trek movies.

In other box office news, Bad Moms opened third, just barely behind Beyond, at $23.8 million. Given its budget, the film can already be considered a success. Thrill-seeking Nerve opened at number 8 with $9.5 million, although it made a significant chunk of change before the weekend with its Wednesday opening, closing the weekend with a total of $15.5 million.

Here is the top ten for the weekend:

1. Jason Bourne ($59.2 million, week 1)
2. Star Trek Beyond ($24.8 million, week 2)
3. Bad Moms ($23.8 million, week 1)
4. The Secret Life of Pets ($18.9 million, week 4)
5. Ice Age: Collision Course ($11 million, week 2)
6. Lights Out ($10.8 million, week 2)
7. Ghostbusters ($10.1 million, week 3)
8. Nerve ($9.5 million, week 1)
9. Finding Dory ($4.3 million, week 7)
10. The Legend of Tarzan ($2.5 million, week 5)

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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