Breaking Bad Contest Winner In Million Dollar Narcotics Bust


“This is the best show on television,” said Ryan Lee Carroll when he won the contest, “and I will get to be a part of it.”

Breaking Bad fan Ryan Lee Carroll was lucky enough to win a contest to see the series finale in September 2013, and among the things he took away was a hazmat suit signed by cast members, given him at the screening party. That hazmat suit, along with a million dollar haul in synthetic narcotics, is now with Florida (Lee County) Sheriff’s Office, as Carroll has been arrested on felony charges of possession with intent to supply, as well as misdemeanour charges of keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs.

“It’s just kind of mind-boggling to think stuff like that can happen right next to you,” said a neighbour. “We still don’t even know what was going on.” Carroll, who moved into the neighbourhood six to eight months prior, kept getting FedEx packages every day. “They either had a very successful business, or they were up to something they shouldn’t be,” said another neighbour.

Carroll hit the headlines when he won the contest, which was a raffle sponsored by cast member Aaron Paul to benefit an anti-bullying nonprofit, The Kind Campaign. His brief moment of fame may even include a spot in a Breaking Bad documentary, which was being filmed at the time of the finale. Carroll was ecstatic to have a chance to be part of the show he loved.

“If you start watching it, you can’t stop,” he said back in September. “It’s highly addicting, just like the meth they make (on the show).”

Source: Wired

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