Breaking Bad Could Get the Stage Opera Treatment


Breaking Bad – Ozymandias is a proposed joining of AMC’s hit show and Percy Byshhe Shelley’s renowned poem in opera form.

Breaking Bad finished its critically-acclaimed run two weeks ago, but fans still want more, even though the finale wrapped up all loose ends. The Better Call Saul prequel is certainly a good start, but another option is to adapt Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s story for other creative mediums. But what format would best contain Breaking Bad‘s epic tale of corruption and betrayal? Forget comic books, movies, or even videogames; the One World Symphony hopes to perform the drama as a mini-opera titled Breaking Bad – Ozymandias.

Ozymandias, before it was known for the character from Watchmen, was a 1818 poem by Percy Byshhe Shelley dealing with the inevitable decline of kings and empires. The poem was actually a recurring theme in Breaking Bad‘s final season, as Walt’s pride and past actions slowly led to his downfall. Presumably Breaking Bad – Ozymandias would present a more obvious combination of these themes with some not-at-all-out-of-place original music.

“Cancer became an allegory for evil for the protagonist in Breaking Bad,” writes Breaking Bad – Ozymandias composer Sung Jin Hong. “When Walt White was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, we the audience emotionally supported him and forgave some of his actions, as they may have appeared to be justified. When the cancer went into remission, an intangible cancer was growing – his hubris and lust for power.”

It’s not entirely clear whether Breaking Bad – Ozymandias is being written with the support of its creators, as AMC hasn’t responded to comments about the opera. Regardless, I hope it sees completion, even if just for the perverse pleasure of hearing songs about cooking meth, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and Jesse Pinkman’s solo “Science, bitch!” in a single, breath-taking performance.

Source: The Wire, via IGN

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