Broken Traditions, Chapter 5


“Penicorn?” Alisa , finished eating her dinner, the Wereanimal , looks up barely , “Yes Mistress?” Alisa smiles at him, “You seem very distracted tonight is anything wrong?” Penicorn shakes his big head, “No Alisa , I was just thinking is all.” Rastayn , comments , “It was amazing stew tonight, thank you inviting me to dine with you.” Penicorn just nods, “Of course you have done well by my Mistress.”

Alisa closes her eyes, and yawns, Penicorn watches Rastayn , then says softly , “I am truly sorry for this.” Rastayn yawns, he begins to attempt to ask what , but can’t form the words. Alisa slumps over splattering her plate and drink everywhere.

Penicorn begins for the door, when it freezes in place, its eyes close and it slumps over, the Wereanimal’s last thoughts are happy ones , the potion he was given to block psionic magic, was in fact poison , it stopped his heart, and stole the rest of its vitality.

The rooftop balcony , Reti , Zepialiar, Firan, Rastayn, Bievia and Reria stand in the cool air, as Lost steps from the darkness. Reria watches him with suspicious glance, Lost goes directly to Reti , he speaks softly , “The Citadelhas been cleared of people, soldiers , your Rangers. An enemy approaches that even ten thousand soldiers can’t kill. The Queen, and Rastayn are in the estate room, third room on the east end of this floor. No matter what happens , you must get the Queen, and Rastayn away from here , you must not fight, run and don’t look back.” Reria speaks up , “Wait what is going on! Is Alisa in trouble, or something, Lost talk to us.” Lost doesn’t answer instead he continues, “Within that room , is a tunnel system , follow it will, it will take you near Rtakivev.” He turns to Bievia “Hide in the mountains , keep the Queen, and Rastayn safe…” He adds , “Sara will catch and will know how to fix everything.”

Reria steps to Lost, “Gods’s be damn , you tell what is going…” Lost turns away from her, “Just do it, no matter what happens , no matter what you hear or see , run away.” After he has left , Firan whispers, “He is right something with powerful magic is coming.”

Asetari enters the Citadel, ‘Hmmm strange no guards. The place seem empty.’ Then a figure steps from the shadows, “Evening Asetari,” Asetari smirks ‘So the Chronomancer knows my name, he must know why I am here , and must clear the Citadel.’ Asetari smirks, “Evening , you have me at a disadvantage , you know my name but I don’t know your name.” Lost draws out his two handed katana, he answers, “Don’t worry about.” Asetari , wonders ‘if he knew my name why didn’t kill me or maybe he doesn’t know my plans… truly a mystery.’

Asetari whispers , “Sword of Darkness” as Lost rushes him, Asetari blocks the strike , with the dark scimitar, that is coated in purple energy. Lost continues into him, slashing , cutting at the Necromancer, but Asetari matches him step for step. Then Asetari whisper , “Shadowfire” dark energy engulfs Lost, causing him to cry out in pain, he double overs.

Asetari rush in with the dark scimitar , and brings it down on Lost , but Lost moves easily out of the way. As Asetari recovers the heavy , attack , Lost spins , and catches the Necromancer with a stinging blow , that splatters blood all over the wall. Lost rushes in, his next blow , cuts off Asetari left arm, Lost comes down for another hit , when Asetari lifts a hand “Bloodfire” a luminous red spot appears in Lost’s chest , then it explodes in a fiery spray of blood. Lost drops his sword, then Asetari whispers, “Moving Earth” a huge chunk of the floor is torn from the ground , then it speeds into Lost, slamming him into the wall, shattering the wall.

“That really hurt… Gods damn that Chronomancer.” Asetari looks down at the gaping wound, he closes his eyes , “Wound Closure” the wounds close , healing fully. Just as he opens his eyes, Lost strikes him with normal size katana , the blow knocks Asetari sprawling , and a long trail of blood. Lost starts toward him , Asetari screams , “MAGIC MISSILE!” Seven tiny orbs of magic launch into Lost , knock him, as the seventh hits , Asetari , whispers , “Fireball” a huge ball of fire rockets towards Lost , it catches him, and throws him backwards , then its explodes , knocking through four walls.

Asetari looks down at his body , “Wound Closure.” Then he notices the missing arm, he whispers, “Get the hell over here.” The arm flies to Asetari , whispers , “Wound Closure” He looks to the figure standing in torn trench coat , his left arm hangs limp, Asetari comments, “You are so annoying!”

Lost rushes Asetari , wakizashi in both hands , Asetari lets “Flame Arrow” fly , but Lost dodges, Asetari launches a series of magic “Magic Missile”, “Freezing Sphere” “Lighting Beam” , “Ice Lance” and “Darkness Bolt”, Lost is moving faster now. Asetari can’t keep up , the strikes come quickly , drawing deep blood letting gashes. Asetari screams , twists to get away , Lost severs Asetari’s right armor , cuts him from belly to the top of his ribs.

Asetari slumps over , he begins to laughing , he lifts his left hand , “Magic Missile” the blast of magic knocks Lost into a wall , Asetari whispers “Wound Closure” instantly he heals himself, he stalks towards Lost, “YOU DIE BASTARD!” Asetari whispers , “Diminutive Meteors” at point blank range the explosion of tiny fiery orbs erupts , rocking Lost’s body , punching hole in him, he screams, but his screams drown out by Asetari’s laughter and “YOU DIE BASTARD!” When the spell ends , Asetari decides to better safer than sorry , “Diminutive Meteors” again , then “Magic Missile”, “Freezing Sphere” “Lighting Beam” , “Ice Lance” “Bloodfire” and finally “Shadowfire”.

After reattaching his arm, Asetari stalks up stairs, to claim his prize. He pauses for a second on the stairwell , ‘How did he know who I was? Did I make a mistake.. Its not likely , I sense life signs on the highest floor. Gods I hate walking , but I better wait to find out what else is to come.’

The highest floor of the Citadel Reria is being pinned to the wall by Bievia, she struggles and cries , she whispers, “Wat he did that fore!?” Reria , and some of the others had watched some fight , being the only wizard of the group, Firan had watched , she fled up the stairs half way through the fight. Bievia had to drag , Reria to the top floor.

Firan lowers her head , “He was buying time.. Reria..” She twists in Bievia grip, her tears come harder , as Zepialiar comments, “Very noble…” Reria screams at him, “It was stupid we could have fought that .. That..” Firan shouts “NO!” then softer “Somehow Lost knew that the Wereanimal had given up his Life force to the Necromancer..” Bievia growls , “So the Wereanimal is at fault?! It betrayed the Queen?” Reria begins crying again, she whispers, “The critter loved Alisa , he wouldn’t do that..” Reti speaks up , her voice is broken, “Penicorn was upset with the Queen’s actions and believed she was being controlled by Lost or Rastayn … or one of us.. Sara said as much , she told me to trust Lost even when it seem that he was being cruel.” Reria tears come harder, “I tis so mean to him, last words I spoken was angry ones.”

“What do we do then?” Zepialiar ask. Reti is about to speak when a voice comes from the hall, “DO?! What do you do??! MuuuwhammuuwwwuuuHA!” the corpse of Penicorn enters the room. It morbidly grins , “Not don’t be heroes , just be real still until I get there.” Bievia turns to face the corpse, “Just who the hell are you!?” Penicorn smirks , “I am Asetari , I was a Necromancer, but now I will just call myself GOD.”

Sara enters the Citadel floor one , she is dressed in jet black jacket , with hints on midnight blue, her face from nose to the opening on the jacket is cover by cloth , midnight blue in color , her gather is jet black , on her back are four sword cases forming an odd X.

The Temporal Warriors appear at her approach, she crosses the room , and kneels at the broken body of Lost. She pulls the cloth down, and strokes his forehead, her eyes are now the same haunting purple , she stares at him. She whispers, “I know what you did it. I will never forgive you for it , nor will I, forget you for it either. You shouldn’t have taken my place..” She strokes his face , she holds his hand , “I will not disappoint you. I will do everything make your sacrifice worth every drop blood , every second of pain, every second of pleasure. I will protect the Elven Queen… I promise you.”

The Temporal Warriors , watch as a rip appears in time and space , Lost’s body is sucked into it. Sara pulls the cloth over her face , she crosses the room to the two handed katana , and picks it up. She looks at the Temporal Warriors, “When this is over explain to me why he did it. When this is over, I want to know everything….” She closes her eyes ” Temporal Slide”

As Asetari hits the stairs leading to the fifth floor , a figure steps from the shadows , the voice is female, she says, “Asetari, I am the one you are wanting, I am the Chronomancer.” She whispers “Second Haste” “Second Fast” “Power Shift” “Speed Shift” then she smiles , “Temporal Warriors”

Asetari watches as five warriors step out black and gold armor , they strike Asetari faster than he can response, blow after blow , splatter blood everywhere, then they step back, she whispers, “Do it, Asetari , you know want do… Do it!” Asetari mind finds the spell , he whispers “Enthrall Demons”

The stairwell comes alive with Offspring like creatures , these though have huge bat wings, and carry long curved swords and swords. They spring forth , but the Temporal Warriors are waiting , the demons and warriors clash , each landing blows , the demons losing limbs , as the warriors mimic Sara’s strength and spells.

One demon thrust its black blade into a warrior , but the warrior , sidesteps , counters with a thrust from his long slim Elven blade. He then slashes down , cuts the demon deeply.

Asetari screams , as his demons are cut to ribbons , he cast “Magic Missile” into a warrior but the warrior is faster , dodges the magic. A demon howls in pain , as its body cut in half , another demon is sliced , then jabs by a Warrior using a long spear and shield. Asetari whispers “Wound Closure” for the demon but another warrior with a sickle stab the demon through the heart.

In quick order the demons are down to one , it dances and slashes at Sara , but she is faster , and ever blow she lands cuts a massive cut out of the demon’s hide. Asetari whispers “SHADOWFIRE!” Sara twist in pain , the Demon rushes in for a hit , but before it can Sara extends a hand “Distort”. The demon simmers , and fades in and out, then begins to scream, as its body is shredded up.

Asetari watches , Sara whispers , “Renew” she is before the Necromancer in the next heartbeat. She watches him , then asks , “What spell did you use on Lost?” Asetari , shrugs, “I know no Lost..” Sara glares , “The other Chronomancer that you killed what did you use to kill him?” Asetari shrugs , “I don’t know it happen really fast , I don’t remember .. Its not fair , I wasn’t at full strength when I fought you …” Sara lifts a hand points it to the wall , “Distort” the wall crumbles, she grabs him by the tunic , and drags him to the wall.

She begins softly , “The Chronomancer was a young , he had no way , nor could he have ever unlocked his full power. He fought you at one fifth power , he couldn’t use more than Haste, Slow , Regeneration , Distort and Sleep, all of those were weak. You fought him at hundred fold your own power ,” She watches his face , before saying , “He took my place , in his time , I was killed by you, because I was afraid, because I doubted myself, but mostly because I am the first Chronomancer. In his time , I killed the Offspring at one fifth power, and never recovered from it , because Penicorn made me believe I was a demon.” She lifts him up , then continues , “The Queen’s power wasn’t tapped until thousands of needless deaths, because she didn’t find Rastayn until after the siege of Rtakivev. He didn’t tap Lost , he tapped the Temporal Warriors, because of me. Of course you easily beat me, in that time , like you did Lost because Penicorn betrayed the Queen. The Wereanimal wanted so bad to be the Queen’s number one advisor, he didn’t even realize until his life ended how big of mistake he had made. Nor did he understand how much he improved your strength.”

She pulls down the cloth , looks into his eyes , “I am going to kill, in a way that, that will stay with you in the Void.” A hole opens in the time and space , she drops him , for the next thirties years , he relives death of every creature he ever got vitality.”

The weeks pass quickly , the kingdoms beyond Pendragon Estate crumble , as civil war breaks out, as the great Isital empire. The warlords , barons and merchants , struggle to survive, people flock to the safe haven of Pendragon, where even a Kobold has a place among the council.

On the highest floor , Queen Alisa , the ruler of the Elven Estate , stands watching the night sky, the council had formed , Queen Alisa step down as an active member , she become just another Elven , but the people , Human , Kobold , Half-Giant , Lizardman, and Elven still called her Queen Alisa. She hates the title but loves the title , she been given the room where Penicorn had betrayed her and where the Wereanimal had died. Her role changed vastly , for she had no desire to be ruler of anyone, her role became protect ‘Became? Or was I always the protector?’ she asks herself.

Queen Alisa joys in life were simple ones , ones only a child could understand , she had her favorite toys , her favorite books , her friends , but she also had students , and she had a job. The Tiamat , she had summon , had been given free will , for she wish to control no one , nor force the great dragon into enslavement. But the Tiamat had decided to follow this strange Elven , as did the monsters who came to her side during the battle for the Lifeless Rock. The Kobold , had adopted them, and taken over a small village, that abandoned ages ago.

Sara enters the room, her eyes scan the room of Queen Alisa , she is truly a strange child , ‘All manner of toys , a complete crystal set of soldiers and dolls , yet she has tons of books from across the world, tomes of magic , books on science.’ Sara pauses behind , Queen Alisa , the young girl turns, “Thank you for coming.” Sara smiles beneath the cloth , “Always Alisa , we are friends.” Queen Alisa watches her , “Will you sit and have supper with me?”

“Do you know why he decided to switch places?” Sara asks , as Alisa sips her warm broth, Alisa , shakes her head , Sara continues, “He was a part of me.. Rastayn says the Temporal Warriors, are a fragments of me, all my protectors where male , so … He chose to be male…” Sara looks out into the darkness, “In that place where they sleep , Lost become good friends with Rastayn, and later good friends with you and I. He had this sliver of me, that allowed him to understand concepts , Love, Friendship, Pain, Lost .. The others did not have this ability, they did not understand why he died. They didn’t morn him, as we do…” Sara drinks a bit of broth, “His love was stronger than the magic that spawned him and kept him, he chose the dress and weapon that I was had chosen. Though in his time, my choice was because of the knights that I killed , in this time, it was because of what he had chosen.” Alisa , whispers, “You are leaving soon.” Sara nods , “Beyond the Pendragon Valley are children , capable of varies types of magic , beyond this valley there are bad people , who plot against the Pendragon dream… That is why Rastayn has been gone ,” Alisa nods, in a somber tone, “There will be another war soon, then another one… and so on.” Sara nods , “There always will be men and women who plot evil towards others.. And there will always be people who will stop it. As Lost has proven…”

Queen Alisa , stares into the night , before saying “Yes that is true,” For hours they sit , and talk about small things , until Alisa can’t keep her eyes open and she sleep off to sleep. Sara quietly takes her to bed , tucking her in , kissing her forehead , and Sara vanishes with a soft “Temporal Slide”

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