Brütal Legend to get Live Dem-O-Thon


Are you ready for Rocktober? No? Then perhaps you need the Double Fine team to show you round the game a little bit.

They strode out through the thick, oily smoke of the fires of the Arockalypse. They were Double Fine, the Champions of Metal, put on this Earth for one purpose: to tell the world of a Brütal Legend, a legend of fire and song and… urr… oh, I don’t know, waffles or something.

I’ll be honest, I can’t keep this up, probably because I haven’t gotten into the spirit of Double Fine’s Brütal Legend. Perhaps all that will change when the demo comes out on October – sorry – Rocktober 1st.

As well as the demo, Double Fine will also be hosting a live webcast at 12pm on October 1st over on the official Brütal Legend site, where fans can submit questions via Twitter and have the Double Fine team answer them in real time.

Make sure you download the demo as well though – I don’t want to get swine flu because you had to pick up your dry cleaning and forgot.

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