Buena Vista Games Acquires MotoGP and ATV Off-Road Developer


Buena Vista Games, the videogame arm of Disney Corportaion, today announced the acquisition of Climax Racing, the developer of the Moto GP and ATV Off-Road franchises.

Following the 2005 acquisitions of Propaganda Games and Avalanche Software as well as the aging Turok franchise, BVG, which has traditionally published Disney franchise titles aimed at a younger market, appears to be continuing its strategy of expanding its demographic by aiming at a broader market.

In addition to Moto GP and ATV Off-Road, Climax games has also developed Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (Xbox), Tron 2.0 Killer App (Xbox), Serious Sam Next Encounter(PS2, GC), as well as Disney games for the GBA such as Lilo & Stitch 2, Lizzie McGuire 3, and Herbie Fully Loaded.

Karl Jeffrey, founder and CEO of Climax says of the acquisition, “Climax Racing is an ideal component of BVG’s expanding portfolio of development talent.”

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