Bungie is celebrating Halloween with the Playlist of the Living Dead, featuring a new Halo 3 game type packed with zombie-killing action called “Infection.”

According to the Bungie website, “Infection” is based on a community mod for Halo 2, in which a large group of players face off against a much smaller number of zombies. When the humans are killed by zombies, they rise in a state of undeath, turning against their former comrades and slowly shifting the odds from the humans to the brain-eaters. The game will come in three flavors: “Save One Bullet,” which features limited ammunition in order to prevent the humans from holding off the zombie onslaught indefinitely, “Creeping Death,” with zombies that are slower but “shockingly invisible and deadly,” and “Creeping Rockets,” in which the humans are better armed but the zombies are tougher.

The Living Dead festivities will run for 27 hours, from 12:01 a.m. on October 31 to 3:00 a.m. November 1. “We decided to let it go a bit late into the morning to give people a chance to play when they got home from their Halloween carousing,” the FAQ says, explaining the odd running time. “Infection is a lot of fun when everyone is into it, but we don’t think it would make a good playlist long term, so it’s going to come and go.”

The playlist will be ranked, meaning players will be able to get achievements during the event, and according to Bungie, “Fending off the hungry dead is as righteous a way as any to score an Overkill.” Infection medals including Infection Spree and Hell’s Janitor will also be awarded.

More information about Bungie’s spooktacular Halloween extravaganza can be found at the Bungie website.

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