Bungie Shows Off Destiny on the PlayStation 4


Bungie is bringing Destiny to the PlayStation 4, and we’re bringing some in-engine video to you.

One of the biggest surprises to come out of tonight’s PlayStation 4 conference is that Bungie, best known as the studio behind the mega-hit – and Xbox-exclusive – Halo, is bringing its next game, Destiny, to the PlayStation 4. “After Halo, we asked ourselves the question, ‘What next?'” Bungie co-founder Jason Jones said in a video presentation. “How can we take a genre that we know and love so well, the first-person shooter, and turn it on its head again? Our answer is Destiny – Bungie’s next great FPS.”

Destiny is set in a persistent online world, with customizable characters that evolve and grow as players advance through the game. Jones said Bungie is focusing on creating not just a “great competitive experience that players demand from a shooter,” but also on ensuring that co-op play will “blow your mind.”

There’s almost nothing of actual gameplay to see in the Destiny PS4 trailer, but the in-engine video on display is nothing short of gorgeous. The promise of a persistent game world would also appear to dovetail very nicely with Sony’s commitment to a more social approach to gaming, and let’s face it: Even though Destiny is little more than a pretty tease at this point, the mere act of bringing Bungie to a PlayStation 4 launch event has to be seen as a pretty big coup for Sony.

Destiny is being developed for both the PlayStation 3 and the upcoming PlayStation 4, but it’s obvious that Jones thinks Sony’s next console is where the real action is. “Destiny is going to be amazing on PlayStation 4,” he said. “It’s a great piece of gear.”

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