According to recent filings, Bungie could be working on a game that takes inspiration from history and injects it into a sci-fi world.

Newly uncovered trademark and website domain filings could be our first hints toward what Bungie is secretly toiling away at for its first Activision project. Since leaving Microsoft, Bungie has kept the project under wraps, but if the filings have anything to do with it the studio could be creating a game with an Egyptian theme.

According to Supererogatory, Bungie filed registrations in July for artwork with the following names attached: Dead Orbit, Osiris, Seven Seraphs, and New Monarchy. This artwork could be related to marketing or logos. In September, Bungie filed domain registrations for all of the names other than Osiris, which makes sense considering its already widespread use in various other businesses.

Sadly, we don’t know exactly what these items are referring to, whether it be a new title or a wild goose chase. However, that doesn’t stop anyone from speculating.

The names seem to hint toward something Egyptian, Biblical, or… in space. Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld and the dead. New Monarchy could also be a reference to the Egyptian civilization, as it was run by a monarchy. Seven Seraphs appears to refer to the seven archangels from religious scripture. Dead Orbit, well, that sounds like something more Halo-like.

The registrations paint a portrait of a game that uses concepts from history and religion within the context of a sci-fi world. In the past, rumors have spoken of Bungie’s next game as both an action-RPG and an MMO that never ends. Now, it’s apparently a sci-fi action-RPG MMO where you have to take on seven archangels before defeating Osiris himself. That’s my theory anyway, what’s yours?

Source: Supererogatory Twitter

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