Sony will finally be allowing us to easily watch a Blu-ray movie on our PSPs.

Starting in November, select Sony Pictures Blu-ray movie releases will also include a digital copy of the movie that can only be viewed on a PSP. That’s right, only a PSP, not a PC or any other device. Digital copies have been included on Blu-ray movie discs before, but were typically on a separate DVD and did not provide functionality to be watched on a PSP. The inclusion of a PSP-functional copy of a movie right on the Blu-ray is a feature that had been talked about and pushed for a while, but is only just now becoming a reality.

The confusing part about this is that some Sony Pictures Blu-Ray releases have already included a digital copy that could be played on a PSP. The difference here is apparently that the digital copy could only be transferred to a PSP through a PlayStation 3. While this might be annoying, it will hopefully make the process easier than previous transfer methods.

This sounds like a way for Sony to push the PSP if a separate digital copy compatible with other devices is not included. Basically, they’re telling consumers that they are getting a better value if they own a PSP along with the PS3 they’re watching their Blu-rays on. Still, its a nifty feature if you own both a PSP and a PS3 and want to get the most out of your Blu-ray purchases. The first movie to include a PSP-only digital copy will be Godzilla, releasing on November 3, 2009 according to Amazon, while The Ugly Truth, releasing on November 10, will include both a PSP-only digital copy on the Blu-ray and a separate digital copy on DVD. Godzilla is on sale for $16.99 as of this posting, not a bad deal when you’re getting the movie in two formats.

Source: HomeMediaMagazine via Joystiq

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