Buy A Portal Gun This April


Admit it, you’ve wanted a portal gun for years. Now you’ve got your chance.

NECA (it stands for “National Entertainment Collectibles Association”) have proven themselves over and over again as some of the finest creators of geek ephemera on the planet. From Harry Potter to Street Fighter, their stock-in-trade is crafting ridiculously high-quality toys that allow adults to simultaneously show affection for various fictions as well as ward off any lingering worries of unexpected procreation.

Now the company has teamed with Valve to mass produce replicas of the titular gun from Portal, and you’ll be able to snag one for only $170.

From the official product description:

Beautiful woven ─ ─ curve, the mobile device space of a dream

– Puzzle action game masterpiece of VALVE, [PORTAL]! There is no guy does not start,
“Cancer incidence portal” is “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” thing, Prop rainy day
Appearance is made to the replica!
– Intact during the game, the mobile device space of a dream that brings together the technology’s science aperture
Fully reproduced. Light blue and orange is equipped with the gimmick of course.
Can enjoy the beautiful design of unique products VALVE, fan is a must-see item.

In fairness, the above is a machine translation, but you get the gist of the thing, right? Plus, that image at top is a pretty solid representation of a portal gun, so what are you waiting for? Hobby Search is currently accepting pre-orders for these things, and according to the site, they’re scheduled to ship in April.

That’s just enough time to incur the wrath of a petulant, tragic AI and stock up on incendiary citrus fruits. Hop to it!

Source: Geekologie

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