Buy a Samsung Galaxy S5, Get a Bunch of Free Stuff


Nearly $600 in free apps and services come with Samsung’s latest flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 is a pretty impressive phone on its own, what with the 16 megapixel camera and five-inch-plus HD display, but Samsung seems to be sweetening the deal for any prospective buyers.

According to the Galaxy S5 microsite, The flagship device will ship with $575 in “Samsung Galaxy Gifts,” and many of the offers are for software and subscriptions you’ll actually want to use.

The list is as follows (via BGR)

  • 6-month Wall Street Journal subscription – worth $160
  • 12-month Bloomberg Businessweek+ subscription – worth $30
  • 1-year Run Keeper premium service – worth $20
  • 1-year Lark premium service – worth $36
  • 6-month Skimble premium service – worth $42
  • 6-month Map My Fitness premium service – worth $36
  • PayPal – special offers worth at least $50
  • 3-month LinkedIn premium account – worth $75
  • Free app purchase: EasilyDo Pro – worth $5
  • Free Blurb coupon – worth $5
  • Free app purchase: Flick Dat – worth $2
  • Cut the Rope 2 in-game credits – worth $10
  • 6-month 50GB of Box storage – worth $60
  • 3-month 1TB Bitcasa storage – worth $30
  • 3-month Evernote premium service -worth $15
  • The WSJ and Bloomberg subs, and the Runkeeper membership are pretty tempting, as is the Evernote premium service.

    There’s still no word on pricing for the Galaxy S5 — my best guess is $250-$300 — but it’s nice to see a premium phone coming with premium, optional add-ins.

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