If you’ve been thinking about picking up Fallen Earth, then you might want to check out Icarus Studios’ (nuclear) fire sale.

If you forgot to buy a Holiday present for that MMO fan in your life, don’t worry: Icarus Studios has your back … so long as your friend’s a fan of the post-apocalyptic setting. The developer has announced a pretty major sale for its game Fallen Earth, allowing gamers to buy one copy and get another for free.

If you buy the game from Fallen Earth’s official online store before January 13th, you’ll also receive a free copy that you can give to a friend. The sale price is $14.99, which doesn’t seem like a bad deal, all things considered. The person who receives the free copy will still get all the same perks and special in-game content that paying customers do (including “either an ATV or a very fetching hat”).

Between the mediocre reviews and the severe restructuring of Icarus Studios, I’m not sure anyone expected Fallen Earth to survive its first year of operation. As it stands, the game sounds like it’s still staying afloat, but it should be noted that sales like this are sometimes attempts by developers to offset subscription problems.

Source: Fallen Earth Store via Massively

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