Buy Your Way to Victory and Easy XP in Disgaea 5 With Unopened Soda

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For those having trouble with the campaign in Disgaea 5, there are tons of ways to quickly level-up your team of demonic minions. Most involve all the crazy features Disgaea is known for like Item World, but if you’re looking for the simple, lazy way to gain fast XP without the usual Disgaea fuss, look no further than Unopened Soda.

Let’s get this out of the way; this is not the best way to gain levels in Disgaea 5. Experts or anyone that’s dealt with the insane level requirements to complete post-game content knows that gaining XP is almost trivial in the grand scheme of things. Maxing out stats happens fast and furious, but we’re catering to the casual Disgaea fan here. This method is completely straightforward, easy to understand, and only requires a simple knowledge of the game’s mechanics. Not the best method, but absolutely one of the easiest — even if it isn’t very efficient.

Unopened Soda Easy Leveling Guide

The humble Unopened Soda proclaims that it “Recovers SP” when used — but there’s a secondary effect. Every time you use an Unopened Soda, or any food item really, that character gains 1/8th of a level.

That means consuming eight (8) Sodas gains that character a level, no matter their starting level. Unopened Soda is the best food option; using an Unopened Soda leaves you with an Open Soda. That means you’ll only need four (4) Unopened Sodas to gain one (1) level.

How to Gain Levels Fast With Unopened Soda

Let’s break things down.

  • 1. Play through the campaign until you’re stuck. Keep a reserve of cash for later.
  • 2. Purchase Unopened Soda at the shop for 38$ — as many as you can. It takes four (4) to gain one (1) level, requiring eight (8) uses. Food items give 1/8th of a level per use.
  • 3. Go to 1-1 or 1-4 with a solo character and use Unopened Soda every turn. This can be done on any map you choose, but it’s easier to complete early stages solo for farming purposes.
  • 4. Use the extra cash earned by completing missions to purchase more Unopened Soda. Keep going until you’re Level 150.

It’s just that easy. Any recovery item works, but Unopened Soda requires half the cost normally required.

After you gain levels, go ahead and purchase Level 150 classes to fill out your roster and have an easy time with the story campaign. When you’re ready to grind to Level 8,000 — things get a little more complicated.

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