Not sure what this whole Call of Cthulhu thing is all about, but were too afraid to ask? Here’s a two minute primer, so you can be afraid of what you know instead.

You might have heard the name of Cthulhu, the great destroyer that slumbers beneath the waves, but you don’t know much else about him. You’re eager to learn, having braced yourself for unspeakable horror, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

Well, wonder no longer, as Brothers Grim and Grimy have prepared a two minute primer for Cthulhu’s first appearance, the short story Call of Cthulhu, complete with animations and an accessible and non-threatening “valley girl” narrator.

Aside from a funny script, the animation has lots of little “blink and you’ll miss them” visual gags to enjoy as well. Possibly the best thing about the video though, is that as silly as it is, it’s also quite informative, and gives a pretty good summary of the story, but at the same time makes you interested in reading it.

Source: io9

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