The next Call of Duty game is coming to Nintendo’s console as well as its more powerful rivals.

If you’re a Wii owner and you felt a little left out of the massive event that was Modern Warfare 2, then this should be some happy news for you, as the next game in the series – Call of Duty: Black Ops – has been confirmed for the machine, alongside the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Treyarch has historically been better at supporting the Wii with its releases than Infinity Ward, so this news isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s good that Nintendo fans won’t be left out in the cold this time.

Black Ops is set during the Cold War, and as the name suggests, casts players as Special Forces operatives on clandestine missions. According to Treyarch, the game will also have more than one main character, which could mean that we’d swap between the forces of the East and West while playing.

Black Ops is released on the November 9th.

Source: Eurogamer

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