Chinese artist Liu Bolin is as good at camouflaging himself as Solid Snake, but without having to wear any futuristic technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

The next time you’re in China and you see the silhouette of a see-through man in the distance, you may be staring at Chinese artist Liu Bolin. His portfolio gives us a taste of what someone wearing Solid Snake’s OctoCamo might look like in the real world.

Bolin’s camouflage work consists of photographs of himself in front of various backgrounds, from a bulldozer to phonebooth to a cannon, where he appears to be painted in a certain way to blend in. He’s not quite as good as Solid Snake, only being able to sneak up on someone from a particular angle, but if you happen to be at that angle you’d be in for a fright.

My favorites of Bolin’s pictures are when he incorporates other people, making him take on a form of invisibility. To check out more of his work, visit here or here. Let’s hope his photos won’t cause a time paradox. Booooooooooooooooooolin!!!!!

(Via Boing Boing)

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