Here is the answer to whether it is possible to avoid or turn off encounters with spiders like Acromantulas in Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite being a school for children 11 to 18, Hogwarts is filled to the brim with deadly traps and fierce monsters. With so many things that can turn a student into the latest house ghost, there is plenty to fear on Hogwarts property, but for those who suffer from arachnophobia, Aragog and his family of giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest stand head and shoulders as the most terrifying thing they could encounter anywhere on the castle grounds. As such, those who have an intense fear of spiders may wonder if it is possible to avoid encounters with spiders when playing the game Hogwarts Legacy.

Similarly, some games have added accessibility features to address arachnophobia, so many wonder if any spider encounters that do exist in Hogwarts Legacy can be removed. The answer to both is unfortunately no.

It Is Not Possible to Avoid Encounters with Spiders in a Full Hogwarts Legacy Playthrough

While titles like Grounded and Evil West have added an arachnophobia mode to their games to make spiders look like something entirely different, this game has not added such a feature. That means any spiders you encounter in the game will look just as real as the spiders seen in films like The Chamber of Secrets.

Unfortunately, those with a fear of spiders will also be unable to avoid a spider encounter if they want to finish the game’s main story, as well as a number of quests that take place in the Forbidden Forest. Players who enter the woods are likely to run across one of the Acromantulas at one point or another at best, and at worst, they could stumble into their nest, encountering a number of giant eight-legged monstrosities at a time.

This isn’t to say a feature won’t be added at a later point that allows players to remove spiders from the game as if they were casting a Riddikulus spell to make them appear less hair-raisingly horrifying. Many even joke that, if an arachnophobia mode is added, the developers could have some fun with it by adding a Ron Weasley Easter egg, highlighting his own anxiety-inducing fear of the spiders, giant or otherwise.

But unfortunately for now, Hogwarts Legacy and some of its corridors and trees are going to be dealing with hordes of spiders that the player will have to confront and cannot avoid. Time will tell if Avalanche adds in the option to avoid them.

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