This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Evil West.

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Maybe it’s because we’re living in the evil timeline where George Bailey never existed and Mr Spock has a beard, but I’m currently appreciating video games as a way to experience previous, more hopeful eras from history. We can play World War 2 shooters to remember a time of noble camaraderie and Blitz spirit, Assassin’s Creed 4 to live out a boyish dream of the golden age of piracy, and of course we have today’s subject, Evil West, which immerses us in the wild and lawless days of 2010. When the Xbox 360 rode tall in the saddle and people really didn’t expect much from their third person shooters. Evil West is not to be confused with Weird West. This isn’t one developer exclusively making cowboy games and doing the Sonic thing where they just take the recurring franchise word and bolt a second word on the end, the two games have absolutely no relation. If you’re confused, just remember: Weird is rubbing your scrotum up and down the inside of a tureen, Evil is serving gravy to your in-laws out of it afterwards. Evil West is a third person action adventure about a government agency in Wild West times who must fight a secret war across the entire American continent against an organised race of vampires, despite only employing, like, two competent dudes who mostly hang out together arguing over who has the most grizzled cowboy penis.

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