How About We Stop Adding Gear Scores and Cosmetics to Every Game Extra Punctuation Yahtzee Croshaw Gotham Knights

This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee’s taking a look at the gear scores and cosmetics that are being added to a seemingly endless amount of video games, like Gotham Knights.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

Somebody terribly clever once said that creativity is the art of hiding ones influences. And that’s definitely true in the world of video games. Since the art of game design is as much about function as form, often the best thing to do is take gameplay concepts that are already proven to work and tweak them to suit current tastes. But the other job of the game designer is occasionally to take deeply established systems and try to figure out if they still serve a purpose. Sometimes ideas get entrenched and hang around long after they become obsolete. For example, limited lives systems, a holdover from the arcade tradition of relentless quarter munching that stuck around in home console games way longer than it should’ve done.

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