This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Gotham Knights.

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I think we’re overdue for some of my trademark coining of terminology. Spectacle Fighter recently got the official Steam endorsement so Spunkgargleweewee can’t be far behind, and we really need a better name for shit like Gotham Knights than “Live Service.” It sounds too much like a good thing. Being alive is good, and so is being serviced. Can’t let the publishers control the narrative on this sort of thing, they’d call a kick in the bollocks a “key entertainment sector reinvigoration scheme.” So what else should we call games where you repeatedly grind up infinite amounts of copy pasted random combats in order to acquire nineteen different currencies with which to construct new equipment colour coded for alleged rarity, that are basically identical to every other but have higher numbers to compensate for ever-increasing enemy damage sponginess? Hm, let me think. How about: cunts. Games made by cunts. Evil money-grubbing cunts who make overpriced emotion-deadening culturally bankrupt Skinner boxes deliberately designed to foster addictive behaviour. Who don’t even feed their dog until they’ve run long enough on a treadmill generator to offset the cost of a bag of Eukanuba. That kind of cunt. Demonetise me, Youtube, I don’t care. And neither does my editor. Probably.

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