This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews the Saints Row reboot.

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So last week Volition burst into the room and cried “Hey everyone, we’ve made a new sandbox crime game called Saints Row! In which you play a thug battling to become top of the heap in a city split between various criminal gangs. And we know, it sounds like we’re ripping off Grand Theft Auto, but this is our own spin on the formula with a tongue very firmly in cheek.” And then we all looked confused for a second and said “Volition, what are you talking about? You released Saints Row sixteen years ago. There have been three sequels since then. Two and four were right bangers.” “What?” Are you feeling alright, Volition? We haven’t heard from you since you released Agents of Mayhem and went into that weird coma. “Agents of what? Are you telling me I’ve somehow forgotten sixteen years of my life? That doesn’t seem likely, what with Senator Obama’s intention to revitalise the American healthcare system. What happened in these three sequels, anyway?” Oh, well, the last one was about being the President fighting alien invaders in a giant computer simulation. “Well now I know you’re taking the piss.” I hate to say I told you so, constantly, with an air of smugness and perverse relish, but I called this when Saints Row 4 came out.


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