This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews No Man’s Sky, again, to see in 2022 how it has evolved since launch.

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Every week for a while now I go to Nick the editor and say “Have we got any new review codes worth looking at?” and Nick replies “Please stop resting your cock on my shoulder.” He then adds, “Here’s an idea, have you thought about re-reviewing No Man’s Sky? People keep asking you to now it’s been patched into serviceability like a sheep with two robot legs.” And I say “What? Go back to a game I’ve already reviewed? What is this, Eyes Wide Shut? Maybe while I’m at it I should stick a disabled war veteran’s prosthetic hand up my arse and use that to type.” But by all accounts, the No Man’s Sky of today is a very different beast to the partially developed foetus that plopped out on launch day like a mostly dead mouse from the mouth of an unduly pleased with itself cat. “Oh, that was mostly the publisher’s fault, Yahtz.” Yeah, heard that one before. Fuckin’ number one go-to developer excuse, that one, right up there with “Well it was working before Windows updated.” But nevertheless I gave it a go, and after it drew me in for most of the week, I have to admit, there has been a significant unfuckupening. It’s got a third person camera now, for one thing, that’s a big tick. 200% more buttocks flapping around at any given moment.

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