This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Quarry.

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Oh boy, another game from Supermassive “The eternal counterpoint to the aphorism ‘practice makes perfect'” Games. Between Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive have made great strides in the medium of choose your own adventure books, through the bold innovative technique of including the motion captured faces of the least expensive celebrities to ever set up a Cameo account. Their new game, The Quarry, is their most ambitious choose your own adventure book yet, there’s a whole three recognisable celebrities in it. Admittedly with a combined screen time of about half an hour, but I suppose after the developers cornered them at a convention they only had a limited amount of time before the bodyguards broke down the toilet door. I remember vaguely enjoying Until Dawn, I mean, for all that branching path storytelling is supposed to offer it had all the replay value of a traumatic leg amputation, but the over the top horror and the terribleness of the characters lent it a certain slasher B-movie charm. I found the Dark Pricktease Endoscopy to be one complete waste of time after another, so now perhaps understandably Supermassive have gone back to what worked and made Until Dawn 2: This Time It’s In A Haunted Quarry.

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