This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Salt and Sacrifice.

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You remember Salt and Sanctuary, it’s the top two ways to enhance a bag of chips. It was also the name of a game I played a couple of metric yonks ago and a 2D Dark Souls clone that was one of the early ones of those before the middle aged cruise patron that is indie gaming loaded up its buffet platter with a few too many of those particular chicken wings. Well for what it’s worth now we can enjoy the sequel, Salt and Sacrifice. And already we see the franchise evolving because Sacrifice is not one of the things that will improve a bag of chips, unless you’re sacrificing a jumbo sausage to the god of deep fat fryers. I said of the first game that it didn’t seem to have much ambition beyond aping Dark Souls after it’s been steamrolled flat and recreated in a sort of “some Psychonauts fanart fell into the vacuum cleaner bag” art style, but a sequel can often be the big chance for a clone franchise to finally spread its wings and find its own identity now it’s got an established name, the way Saints Row escaped the “GTA clone” label to become its own brand of madcap fun and Outlast 2 escaped the trite survival horror setting to become a huge pile of shit. And I’m pleased to report Salt and Sacrifice has successfully pulled the franchise away from 2D Dark Souls Clone. Now it’s a 2D Monster Hunter clone as well. You did it, boys.

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