This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Weird West.

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Well, it’s week two of Catching Up on New Trending Indie Titles While Triple-A’s Not Kicking Off season, or CUNTITWANK for short. Tried a few things this week; had a go on that Rune Factory 5 ‘cos some people said I might like it if I like Stardew Valley style games, and from that concluded that unless I find myself in urgent need of a T-shirt that would provoke awkward conversations at family events I should probably stop paying attention to weebs. Then I tried that new Lego Star Wars ‘cos I heard it was an all new open world take on the Lego Star Wars thing, got about ten minutes into the plot of A New Hope and then became overcome with depression. I mean, how many fucking times have I gone through these events in one film, game or Robot Chicken parody after another? I don’t even like Star Wars much. Feels like going to a nativity play at this point; nobody actually wants to go to nativity plays unless their own kid’s in it or there’s decent odds of someone pissing themselves and crying in an amusing manner. And last I checked I wasn’t Alec Guinness’ dad and Lego Star Wars isn’t Metal Gear Solid. So in the end it was Weird West that caught my eye, an indie Fallout-esque isometric action RPG that came out around the time Ghostwire and Tiny Tina were hogging the limelight.


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