This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Babylon’s Fall.

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So far this quarter’s been dropping out heavy hitters like a trapdoor in a domestic violence shelter, but we find ourselves in an in-betweeny sort of week so let’s look at something that might have fallen through the cracks. Or indeed something that fell out of a crack. And then proceeded to do a lot of crack. I tried out Babylon’s Fall, Platinum’s new live service hack and slashathon on PS5, or had a crack at it if you will, not that it made it easy. First it wouldn’t even start without a PS Plus subscription, even though I only wanted to play single player because y’know, humanity, it’s like a highway bypass: I understand why it needs to exist but I’d rather not have one in my house. Got past that and Babylon’s Fall still wouldn’t unbutton its top until I also signed into a Square Enix account. What the fuck possible benefit do you imagine I’d extract from signing up for another fucking account, Square Enix, other than one more excuse to never check my email? Christ, this is like trying to get through airport security with an inflatable novelty suitcase nuke. But eventually I got through it all and when I was on the other side of the metal detector putting my shoes back on and admiring the new tag they’d punched through my ear I cast a look around and thought to myself “Oooh. This looks like shit.”

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