This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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Okay, Yahtzee, exam time: please recount as much of the plot of Dying Light 1 as you can remember without looking it up. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… oh sorry I thought you said “mimic the sound of a cycling refrigerator.” Yes, Dying Light 1, generic video game protagonist man with very generic video game protagonist name, parachutes into city full of zombies, uh, humans were the real monsters? And I think the main villain had a ‘tache. What do I win? You win the sequel, Dying Light 2! In which you play all new generic video game protagonist man Aiden – which is peak generic video game protagonist name if you ask me, second only to “Alex” for screaming “I’m a white dude with short brown hair who sounds like a chain smoker reading aloud a list of trite movie quotes” – going to a city full of zombies and discovering that humans are the real monsters in all new exciting ways. In Dying Light 1 it was just the one city that was fucked, and apparently they didn’t quarantine the fuckedness well enough because now the whole world has fallen to the fuckdemic. Aiden is a wandering vagabond searching for the evil scientist who did experiments on him as a kid that gave him superhuman endurance and parkour powers, and we’re looking for him so we can, what, give him a thank you present and a little kiss on the cheek?

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