This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Tunic.

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Well, I’m prepared to tentatively say that triple-A releases are drying up for a bit. Is that right, triple-A industry? Are you done spewing? Would you like a glass of water and a lie down? Oh shit here comes another heave. Eurgh, you got Kirby and the Forgotten Land all over the rug. It’s gonna stink like pepto bismol in here now. Yeah, I played Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I have kids now, I needed to make sure it didn’t have any murders or blasphemy against Jesus. But some people asked me to review it and honestly the prospect of doing so for my knob gag infused video series fills me with depression. I mean, what do you want me to say, besides knob gags? It’s a fucking Kirby game. Yeah, I could complain about how it takes itself slightly too seriously for a game where you play a stylised haemhorroid that could have been designed in five minutes with a pink highlighter and a saucer to draw around but that’s like going to Johnny Pillows-for-hands’ Massage Parlour and complaining that I just got batted with pillows for an hour. But it’s the first ever fully 3D Kirby game, Yahtz. Oh fuck off. Look, I’m wearing a Sooty puppet. It’s the first ever real time Sooty performance in this room. Who cares? That doesn’t lend it meaning. Oh my goodness Sooty’s hitting you with a tree branch. It’s your first ever hand puppet foliage-based bodily assault. Mark the fucking calendar.


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