This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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I’ve mentioned before I like to go into a game knowing very little about it. That was easy this week ‘cos I can still barely remember the fucking title of Stranger of Paradise. Even now I’m gonna have to look that up to double check it wasn’t Stranger In Paradise or Stranger To Paradise lest I earn the wrath of the Preposition Police. But anyway, the review code came down and I said “Ooh what’s this game?” and then two hours later I said it again with a different inflection: “Eurgh, what IS this game?” The sort of tone of voice a doctor would use if they were looking at your endoscopy video and saw something with rudimentary legs and bat wings. The second half of the title might fill in some blanks: Final Fantasy Origin. The implication being that this game depicts the starting point for everything that the Final Fantasy series has done and been over the years. And you know something, viewer, if that is the case then it would fucking explain a lot. In defiance of that, however, it’s not a turn based RPG or even one of those hybrid systems I always hate because they’re like trying to kick a giant scorpion to death while programming the microwave, but a hack and slash dungeon crawler that’s a little bit soulslike. Ooh, you were late for this bandwagon, Final Fantasy. You’re gonna have to sit at the back with the tambourine players.


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