This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Prodeus.

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The ongoing glut of indie retro boomer shooters has proved the absolute mother fuck out of the 20 year nostalgia wave theory, so now I’m just trying to think of a way to exploit it. Maybe we could broadcast a popular children’s cartoon in which every episode’s plot is resolved by a character setting themselves on fire, then wait twenty years and buy a controlling interest in every major burn ointment manufacturer… or perhaps alternatively just hack out another fucking Doom clone. Which brings me to today’s subject, Prodeus, not to be confused with Proteus, which was a walking sim from 2013. Or Parodius, which was a series of cutesy arcade shoot ’em ups. Or indeed Probus, who was a Roman emperor in the 3rd century AD who by the sounds of it was very much in favour of public transport. Prodeus is a Doom clone, and while “Doom clone” is largely an outdated term for FPS from before the genre was fully codified, I can think of no more adequate description for Prodeus, not while it’s a 2.5D first person shooter about a burly yet remarkably lightfooted soldier battling demons from hell on a space station. It’s even got the same bloody monsters. Zombie man, fireball imp, evil Christmas decoration, annoying flying skull prick, evil Christmas decoration that spits out annoying flying skull pricks…

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