This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Mortuary Assistant.

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Don’t you just hate being asked “Where do you get your ideas?” Putting that to a professional creative is like asking a machine operator which specific finger is the best one to press the on button with. I don’t know if people are expecting some kind of trade secret. “Oh you found me out. At night I plunge an obsidian dagger into the heart of a she-goat and use its blood to inscribe a prayer to Mother Hecate, and in her wisdom I am blessed with the knowledge of how best to draw parallels between everyday objects and sexual organs.” But whatever, here’s one creativity tip for free: if you can’t think of an interesting new idea, just take two proven concepts, force them to live together like two spiders in a jar and wait until they’ve either killed each other or come up with a mutually acceptable chore schedule. As was the case with The Mortuary Assistant. No sooner had I coined the concept of the “post-Dad game,” or game based around simulating a routine workaday task with some extra spice of fantasy or skill challenge to liven it up like a blob of Marmite on wholemeal toast, than someone had the idea to combine it with first person escape the room indie horror games.


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