This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Return to Monkey Island.

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My destiny is as intertwined with that of the Monkey Island series as genitals in a communal shower room full of extremely heterosexual men. It was one of the first games I had on my old Amiga 600, back when games were like breakfast cereals, ridiculously large cardboard boxes full of ungainly multitudes of flimsy brightly coloured objects. It fostered my early love of point and click adventure games and was the starting point for industry luminaries like Tim Schafer whose careers I follow to this day. And I’ve witnessed first hand the broken-legged stumble through the wilderness that has been Monkey Island sequels since Monkey Island 2, when original designers Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman closed things off with a weird hard to follow existential downer ending before setting the studio on fire and buggering off, middle fingers held high, and if this was Gilbert and Grossman playing the long, long, LONG game then it’s finally paid off because after several sequels by other people, all with a fairly broad and debatable level of wishy-washiness, they’ve now finally come back to close things off with the definitive wishy-washy Monkey Island sequel, Return to Monkey Island.

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