This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Splatoon 3 and Serial Cleaners.

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Nintendo have always been the innovators when it comes to hardware. The Wii and its motion controls, the Switch bridging the gap between consoles and handhelds, the Wii U bridging the gap between shit and piss, so it always strikes me as paradoxical that they keep churning out the same fucking games for them. They’ve come up with, like, one new IP for every four consoles they’ve put out. Splatoon 2 being just Splatoon 1 but now not on the Wii U was probably justified for aforementioned shit and piss reasons, but Splatoon 3? Splatoon 2 again but still on the Switch, only now the number on the end looks a bit like a little bum on its side. Well, don’t give yourself a hysterectomy pulling your wallet out too quick. I mean we expect shit like this from EA Sports, they’re like a big fat elderly dog, it’s a good day if they’re pissing on their own face rather than the carpet, but Nintendo has a better rep than that. So I won’t waste much of your time talking about the multiplayer, you can watch my previous reviews for that. Run around the place painting things and bullying twelve year olds and then win stroke lose based on factors you ultimately had very little control over in a startling metaphor for inner city middle school life. And I’m slightly annoyed that I had to use my Nintendo Online free trial to confirm all this.

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