This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Metal: Hellsinger.

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You might look at those speedrun and gimmick run streamers all competing to beat Dark Souls or Ocarina of Time the fastest or without using weapons or with a Guitar Hero controller or with both arms tied to the back legs of a nervous horse and think such people are fucking freaks. And be entirely right. But when you think about it, hasn’t finding more elaborate ways to do the same old shit, been the essence of gameplay innovation over the years? What’s an FPS if not just playing Space Invaders with blinkers on? What’s Wii Sports if not just playing Pong while trying to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome? And then we have games like Metal Hellsinger, which asks, can you beat Doom Eternal while also playing the drums and while a vocalist constantly bellows into your ears like Cookie Monster stubbing his toe on a doorframe? Metal Hellsinger isn’t quite a dry heave scenario, but it does feel like Hellsinger by itself would have worked perfectly well as a name. Maybe they’re planning to do a few more of these. Opera Hellsinger. Whiny Indie Rock Hellsinger. Disney Princess songs Hellsinger, emphasis on the Hell.

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